Webinars in Economics of Environment, Energy and Transports

Webinars in Economics of Environment, Energy and Transports

19 janvier

 At 4pm on Zoom and has a duration of 60 minutes, with questions at the end. 

In order to attend the webinar, registration is mandatory. Please use the following link to access the registration form

Beat Hintermann (Grenoble Ecole de Management)

Mobility Pricing in Switzerland


We report the results from a large-scale randomized control trial in Switzerland that simulated the effect of mobility pricing that varies across time, space and mode of transport. Providing a monetary incentive reduced the overall external costs of transport generated by the study participants. This reduction is a consequence of mode substitution and a shift of departure times. Providing information about the external costs of transport in the absence of pricing also changes behaviour, but this effect is smaller and statistically significant only for subgroups. We do not detect a pronounced heterogeneity of the pricing effect. The average elasticity of external costs with respect to pricing is -0.33.


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