Séminaire des doctorants : Océane Mascaro

Séminaire des doctorants : Océane Mascaro

Capacity-building in modelling for mitigation in the global South: a study of international cooperation initiatives towards developing countries’ building of their decarbonisation strategies

Océane Mascaro


The rise of the global South’s importance in international mitigation efforts leads to new capacity needs to model their decarbonisation strategies, especially since the 2010’s. The consideration of this matter in international negotiations has been marginal. However, an ecosystem of international cooperation initiatives has emerged to provide capacity-building to less experienced modelling teams or to developing countries’ governments. The varied goals and work organizations of such initiatives signal different understandings of capacity-building in modelling and its relation to scientific cooperation and policy impact. Within the larger frame of North-South cooperation, the potential asymmetry of some initiatives should also be questioned.

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