Séminaire des doctorants: Charles Collet

Séminaire des doctorants : Charles Collet

Social norm effects on air-rail mode choice : a pro-environnemental origin?


This study investigates the effects of a descriptive social norm level on choice between rail and air travel. Simultaneously, an Information framing on the relative aviation CO2 emissions is realized on a subsample to examine the pro-environmental determinant of the norm. A pilot of a choice experiment has been implemented, where analyses are conducted about social norm effect and interaction with individuals’ characteristics are conducted. First results show that social norm has a significant positive effect on mode choice, and that the effect is increasing with the level of the norm. The CO2 information framing does not seem to modify the baseline effect of the norm, that could suggest for a conformism behavior that is independent from environmental concerns. The objective of this presentation is to get feedbacks on these preliminary results in order to improve the design of the final survey.

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