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NAVIGATE-CHIPS Stakeholder Workshop Climate Policy and Just Transition

16 juin 2022 @ 9h30 - 17h00

NAVIGATE-CHIPS Stakeholder Workshop Climate Policy and Just Transition

Over the next decades, societies will be subject to large transformations related to climate change mitigation policies. These transformations will have differential effects in different locations as well as in different societal groups, with the poor likely to experience the worst consequences. In turn, this raises issues of the societal acceptability of mitigation policies and of the possibility of compensation of transformation costs through transfers.

The workshop will highlight the distributive impacts of mitigation policies in the context of human development at different levels of global warming and along different socioeconomic pathways. However, increasing capture of spatial and social heterogeneity in a rich scenario space also increases the complexity of research results and consequently the hurdle for their use by stakeholders. An exchange with stakeholders ensuring transparency, usability and applicability of research outcomes becomes ever more crucial.

The objective of this workshop will be to present results from the NAVIGATE and CHIPS projects pertaining to the impact of climate mitigation policies on inequality, poverty and other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The workshop also aims at establishing a dialogue with stakeholders on how to convey and disseminate research results on those issues. Identifying relevant aspects of mitigation policies and their impact is a key question in this dialogue.


Date :
16 juin 2022
Heure :
9h30 - 17h00
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Maison des Sciences Économiques
112 Boulevard de l'Hôpital
Paris, 75013
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