Policy Brief DEEDS – Research and Innovation Needs to Decarbonise the Agriculture and Land-Use Sector

Authors: Thierry Brunelle (CIRAD), Jeroen Brouwer (TNO), Rebecka Engström (KTH)

The European Commission’s ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy for Sustainable food is a key component of the European Green Deal. To support this initiative, the Commission proposes that at least 40% of the overall budget of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) would contribute to climate action. This DEEDS Policy Brief outlines key features of EU research and innovation (R&I) needs to promote sustainable agriculture and land-use in Europe.


Brunelle T., Brouwer J., Engström R., Research and Innovation to decarbonise the Agriculture and Land-Use sector, Policy Brief, Number 5, April 2020

Full report

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