Séminaire doctorant : Zélie Stalhandske

PhD Seminar:Zélie Stalhandske, (ETH Zürich)

Towards multi-hazard risk assessment in a changing climate

Zélie Stalhandske (ETH Zürich)


I am a doctoral student in the Climate and Weather Risks group, a research group between ETH Zurich and MeteoSwiss. Our objective is to bridge the gap between science and society through reflection, risk modeling, and engagement with public and private stakeholders. An important part of our work involves developing the open-source tool CLIMADA for climate risk management. We are working on this project as part of our research, but it is also becoming a tool used by numerous external organizations.

In this seminar, I will first provide an overview of the CLIMADA project and then focus more specifically on my research, which aims to move from assessing risks of single hazard to multi-hazard risk assessment. I will present the framework that we have developed for modelling multi-hazard risks in a changing climate, highlighting how risks can compound spatially and temporally. Finally, I will discuss how this framework can support strategies for risk reduction and how I intend to further develop it.

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