Soutenance de thèse : Mathilde Duvallet

Phd Defense: Mathilde Duvallet

Offre de riz local en Afrique de l’Ouest : analyse des risques et contraintes affectant la production et de leur impact sur la sécurité alimentaire des riziculteurs

Mathilde Duvallet, supervised by Patrice Dumas and Tamara Ben Ari

27 avril

À 14h, Amphithéâtre Jacques Alliot au CIRAD,
Campus de Lavalette, 389 Avenue Agropolis, Bâtiment 4,
The videoconference will also be broadcast in the CIRED amphithéâtre (First floor)


The objective of this thesis is to analyze the production and market risks associated with an increase in rice production in West Africa and to assess their impact on the welfare and on the food security of rice producing households. This objective is met by using agronomic and economic approaches: (i) statistical analysis of rice yield variability, (ii) modeling of rice yields while considering climatic risks, and (iii) modeling of cultivation strategies of rice farmers facing production and market risks. Our results show that rice self-sufficiency may not be effective in achieving food security in West Africa, as production can vary considerably with climatic conditions. Moreover, improvements in rice production are strongly hampered by risks, particularly climatic, and constraints related to the availability of production factors.

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