Contact: Frédéric Ghersi

Vietnam contact:

Dr. Minh Ha-Duong, CleanED / CIRED, CNRS

The Network’s modelling activity on Vietnam leans on the implantation of senior CIRED researcher Minh Ha-Duong at Université Scientifique et Technique de Hanoi with the purpose of developing a joint international research centre, CleanED.

At the beginning of 2017 Dr. Ha-Duong organised discussions on a Vietnam version of IMACLIM with 3 local institutions, namely the HUST, the Institute of Energy and DEFICEN. The outcome was a gentleman’s agreement on scientific support to a PhD thesis under joint supervision of CIRED and CleanED. The thesis will implement IMACLIM-VNM to explore the feasibility conditions of less carbon-intensive pathways in a context of reforms targeted at the electricity sector and energy prices regulations.

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