IMACLIM Saudi Arabia

IMACLIM Saudi Arabia

Contact: Frédéric Ghersi

Saudi contact:

Dr. Hossa Mutairi, KAPSARC

Financial support: EDF R&D

The Network’s modelling activity on Saudi Arabia started at the beginning of 2016 as a PhD thesis financed by the research department of EDF electricity company. It benefits from contacts with KAPSARC. Data hybridisation is completed for a 23-sector matrix, although the statistical treatment of the economic activity of energy sectors beyond sales of energy volumes strictly speaking still has to be discussed with KAPSARC.

Modelling work has started on a compact 2-sector version of IMACLIM-SAU with the purpose to explore the specific macroeconomics of Saudi Arabia—the weight of its trade balance contribution to GDP. The 23-sector version of IMACLIM-SAU should run by the summer of 2018. The focus of first implementations will be on transition pathways compatible with the Saudi NDC in a context of strong political impetus in favour of structural change towards alternative development paths, both in the energy field (natural gas, renewables, energy efficiency) and beyond (tourism, minerals, financial services, etc.).

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