Expert.e en charge de la cartographie des compétences de Agrinatura et de leur mobilisation

Expert in charge of the mapping of Agrinatura skills and mobilisation of Agrinatura experts

[Project CDI] Expert in charge of the mapping of Agrinatura skills and mobilisation of Agrinatura experts

Contact: Tristan Le Cotty


Contract term: 4 years (project CDI)

Starting date: December 1st, 2023

Salary : starting from 29K€

Manager: Tristan Le Cotty

Job description

The SASI-SPI initiative aims to support the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG-INTPA) through the provision of scientific, robust, reliable and timely evidence and intelligence on a variety of issues related to sustainable agri-food system transformations. The project will contribute to provide intelligence responses to short-term emerging issues, to produce new narratives and reference frameworks on food system transformations, and will thrive to accompany decision makers in the policy dialogues related to the identification of food system challenges and in the co-design/adoption of effective transitions towards more sustainable and inclusive food systems.

This will involve documenting and informing on how food systems work as well as the political economy and governance mechanisms, instruments and initiatives through which food system stakeholders (e.g. National authorities, private sector, NGOs, CSOs) can individually or collectively change their perceptions, and possibly behaviours and practices to contribute to transformations towards more sustainable and inclusive food systems. In doing so, the SASI-SPI project will focus on: changes within food systems and in the external drivers that influence them; territorial specificities; interactions (and trade-offs) between food system dimensions, the key sectors (agriculture, energy, food and nutrition, health, etc.) and the overall economy. The project will mobilise leading European research and education institutions involved in agricultural research and higher education for development consortium AGRINATURA, to support DG-INTPA’s capacity to frame questions and make informed and timely decisions at a global scale, based on robust, timely and reliable scientific expertise regarding agriculture and agri-food systems.

You will be in charge of drafting notes and briefs on rising topics related to food systems (agriculture, diets, climate, environment, food security…), in response to DG INTPA assignments. This notes and briefs will use the knowlege of experts in Agrinatura institutions, who you will identify and consult. This implies the following activities.

You will identify relevant experts within the key dimensions of Food Systems among Agrinatura researchers and gradually build up a database of Agrinatura experts and their skills.

You will receive requests from DG INTPA, identify relevant experts for each request and mobilise them to contribute to these requests, in the form of rapid responses (2 pages in 72 hours) and in the form of in-depth responses via the organisation of focus groups.

You will contribute to the drafting of briefs at the end of these focus groups.
You will take part in the identification of rising topics relevant to DG INTPA through a proactive mechanism of the science/policy interface.

You will work in close collaboration with the WS1 leader and co-leader for all activities of the science/policy interface with DG INTPA.


Desired profiled
  • Doctorate in economics, agricultural economics, political sciences, agronomy, or food science related fields, and at least 5 years of relevant professional experience.

  • High demonstrated scientific abilities and publications within the areas of focus of the SASI-SPI project.

  • Communication abilities to interact with Agrinatura institutions informing about the SASI-SPI goals and mission, and mobilise relevant experts.

  • Great sense of synthesis to read extensive literature and write short and insightful notes. Experience in writing technical briefs and reports will constitute and advantage.

  • Good understanding of African contexts. Working experience on this context will be a plus.

  • Good command of written and spoken English. Good command of written and spoken of French will constitute an advantage.

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