CIRED 50th anniversary

CIRED +50 : program

CIRED+50: program

The event is held over three days. A first day, on March 29, for current and former CIRED staff only followed by a scientific conference on March 30 and 31 open to all.

Registration is closed.

Journalists: no registration need, if you like to particpate you just have to inform us of your presence by e-mail.


March 29, Celebrating CIRED with current and former staff (CIRED)


12h – Welcome & Lunch 

14h – Welcome address

14h30 – Tribute to Ignacy Sachs

15h45 – Coffee break

16h00 – Intergenerational exchanges

17h30 – Guided tour of the Jardin Tropical & CIRED facilities

18h30 – Cocktail

March 30, Scientific conference – Day 1 (Condorcet Campus)

Campus Condorcet-Centre Colloques

8h45 – Welcome coffee

9h15 – Welcome address [in English]

9h30 – Keynote #1 [in English]: N. Rao (Yale University) 

10h30 – Coffee break

11h – 50 years of research at CIRED – Book presentation [en français]

Franck Lecocq et Antonin Pottier (CIRED)

Roundtable: Claude Henry, Claude Millier et Jacques Theys

Guardianship speeches: Anthony Briant (Director of École des Ponts), Laurent Buisson (General director of AgroParisTech), Sandrine Dury (in representation of CIRAD management), Patrick Pintus (Associate Scientific Director of INSHS-CNRS), Romain Huret (President of EHESS)

12h15 – Lunch

13h30 – Parallel sessions

Introduction: Thierry Brunelle (CIRED)

Coût d’opportunité de la terre et politiques en matière de bioénergie et déforestation. Patrice Dumas (CIRED)

Roundtable: Quelles options pour résoudre les conflits sur les usages des terres ? Sandrine Paillard (Future Earth, CNRS), Sébastien Treyer (Iddri), Carine Barbier (CIRED), Sandrine Dury (Cirad), Bruno Dorin (CIRED)

Conclusion and perspectives: Orsolya Frizon Somogyi (Commission Européenne, Unité F2 Recherche)

Introduction: Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet (CIRED)

Presentations: Sandrine Mathy (GAEL), Jean-Philippe Hermine (IDDRI)

Roundtable: Raphaël Claustre (Spécialiste rénovation énergétique), Yamina Saheb (OpenExp), Sandrine Mathy (GAEL), Jean-Philippe Hermine (IDDRI) et Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet (CIRED)

15h – Coffee break

15h30 – Poster session by PhD students

16h15 – Short break

16h30 – Parallel sessions

Introduction: Quentin Couix (CIRED), Julien Lefèvre (CIRED)

Roundtable: Michel Colombier (IDDRI), Céline Guivarch (CIRED), Narasimha D. Rao (Yale University)

Introduction: Antoine Missemer (CIRED)

Presentation: Yamina Saheb (OpenExp)

Roundtable: Barbara Nicoloso (Virage Énergie), Sylvain Godinot (Mairie de Lyon), Sarah Thiriot (ADEME)

19h30 – Conference dinner (Paris, by invitation only)

March 31, Scientific conference – Day 2 (Condorcet Campus)

Campus Condorcet-Centre Colloques

9h30 – Keynote #2 [in English]: Julie Rozenberg (World Bank) 

10h30 – Coffee break

11h – Parallel sessions

Introduction: Harold Levrel

Presentations: Jean-Michel Salles (CEEM), Denis Couvet (FRB)

CIRED exchanges: Lauriane Mouysset, Romain Espinosa, Rémi Prudhomme, Yann Kervinio, Catherine Boemare, Harold Levrel, Bernard Barraqué, Améline Vallet

Introduction: Christophe Cassen

Presentations: Kévin Jean (CNAM)

Roundtable: Olivier Godard (CNRS), Isabelle Goldringer (INRAE), Pierre Charbonnier (Sciences Po), K. Jean (CNAM)

12h30 – Lunch

13h45 – Parallel sessions

Introduction: Catherine Boemare (CIRED)

Presentation: Jean-François Caron (Mairie de Loos-en-Gohelle)

Roundtable: modérateur Philippe Quirion (CIRED); participants : Vincent Viguié (CIRED), Gilles Crague (CIRED), Franck Nadaud (CIRED)

Presentation: Brice Laurent (CSI)

Roundtable: modérateur Rémi Prudhomme (CIRED); participants : Alain Nadai (CIRED), Anne Guillemot (CIRED), Harold Levrel (CIRED)

Introduction: Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED)

Presentations: Teng Fei (Tsinghua University), Emilio Lèbre La Rovere (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Libasse Ba (ENDA-Energie/président du Comité National sur les Changements Climatiques), Frédéric Ghersi (CIRED)

15h15 – Short break

15h30 – Roundtable – The Future of Eco-Development

Introduction: Jim Skea (IPCC WGIII)

Narasima Rao (Yale U.), Julie Rozenberg (World Bank), Michel Colombier (IDDRI), Maia David (Paris Saclay Applied Economics)

16h30 – Farewell address

Venue and practical information

Campus de Condorcet

Jardin Tropical de Paris
45bis, Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle
Nogent-sur Marne
RER ANogent-sur-Marne

Centre de Colloques du Campus de Condorcet
Place du Front populaire
ligne 12 ratpFront Populaire

Important information about the lunch on March 30 and 31:

The lunch is provided by the organization. Nevertheless, registration is mandatory due to the limited number of places.

In order to avoid food waste, if you are unable to attend, please contact us to cancel your registration.


Early registration (current and former CIRED members only): Feb. 6 – Feb 20

Registration for all: Feb 20 – March 20

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