Dictionary of Ecological Economics

Dictionary of Ecological Economics

Dictionary of Ecological Economics
Terms for the New Millennium

With inputs from Léa Tardieu and Harold Levrel


This comprehensive Dictionary brings together an extensive range of definitive terms in ecological economics. Assembling contributions from distinguished scholars, it provides an intellectual map to this evolving subject ranging from the practical to the philosophical.

Following an insightful review of the intellectual and organisational origins of this topic by Joan Martínez-Alier, over 1,100 terms are thoroughly defined with their meanings and uses in ecological economics explained. In addition, most of the terms include recommendations for further reading to provide greater context and understanding, alongside citations to allow for further illustration on how a term is used in the field.

Encompassing a broad overview of the field, this Dictionary will be a useful reference for students at all levels, alongside faculty and researchers. It will also be an informative resource for government and NGO professionals in environmental conservation to better understand the crucial vocabulary that governs their field.

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