6-10/09 International Modelling Platform 2021 Workshop

International Modelling Platform 2021 Workshop

Du 6 au 10 septembre

Organisateurs :


Sur invitation uniquement.

List of presentations


WG1 Agriculture, Land-use, Land-use change and Forestry

Mon. 6 – 12:30 COPPETEC’s methods to model AFOLU decarbonisation. Carolina Dubeux, COPPE- UFRJ

Mon. 6 – 14:30 Modelling the Water Resource in GCAM. Mohamad Hejazi, KAPSARC.

Fri. 10 – 12:30 Socio-economic impacts of climate change in Vietnam. Étienne Espagne, AFD.

WG2 Energy transition

Mon. 6 -15:45 Lastest LEAP developments at Fundación Bariloche. Francisco Lallana, FB.

Tue. 7 – 12:30 Modelling the value of hydrogen solutions towards carbon neutrality in POLES. Silvana Mima, GAEL

Tue. 7 – 14:30 Modelling the water-energy nexus in AIM-Enduse. Saritha Vishwanathan, IIMA.

WG3 Finance

Tue. 7 – 15:45 Disequilibrium monetary stock-flow consistent models in continuous time – The GEMMES approach. Devrim Yilmaz, AFD.

Wed. 8 – 12:30 Modelling the macro finance of energy transitions: a survey. Quentin Couix, CIRED.


WG7 Macroeconomics

Wed. 8 – 14:30 Coupling LEAP to IMACLIM: achievements and pending issues. Gonzalo Bravo, Fundación Bariloche.

Wed. 8 – 15:45 Model closures and theoretical uncertainty in E3 modelling. Auriane Meilland, CIRED.


WG8 Technical challenges from data sources to output templates

Thu. 9 – 16:00 Data pipelines with workflow management tools. Jonas Hörsch, Climate Analytics.

Fri. 10 15:45 Calibration of large System dynamics model using CMA-ES. Antoine Godin, AFD.


Unattributed slots

Thu. 9 12:30 – *To be confirmed*

Thu. 9 14:30 – *To be confirmed*

Fri. 10 14:30 – *To be confirmed*

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