04/01 Jenifer ALIX-GARCIA (Oregon State University)

Webinars in Economics of Environment, Energy and Transports

4 janvier

 At 4pm on Zoom and has a duration of 60 minutes, with questions at the end. 

In order to attend the webinar, registration is mandatory. Please use the following link to access the registration form

Jenifer ALIX-GARCIA (Oregon State University)

Overlapping land rights and deforestation in Uganda: 20 years of evidence


We examine deforestation trends across three different types of tenure systems in Uganda from 2001-2019. Prior to 2010, trends across tenure types were similar. After 2010, deforestation increased on land with overlapping rights and then began to decrease in these areas after 2017 relative to rates on customary or fully privatized land. The uptick in deforestation resulted from increased uncertainty generated by 2010 amendments to laws that changed owner/tenant relations on land with overlapping rights. The decrease in deforestation rates was consistent with greater tenure security from uptake in permanent certificates of occupancy. This suggests that customary rights can yield conservation outcomes similar to privatized land, and that such outcomes under systems of overlapping rights can be destabilized by well-intentioned reform.

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