Séminaire du CIRED

04/01 Eugénie Joltreau (Université Paris Dauphine)

Recycling in a globalised economy

Eugénie Joltreau (Université Paris Dauphine)


Developing a circular economy through waste recycling has become the new paradigm to sustain non-renewable resources. But, what does implementing a circular economy in a globalised economy mean, after all? Waste generated by consumption, i.e., including imports, will not necessarily coincide with material needs of the national production, i.e., including exports. Furthermore, countries may have access to cheap virgin materials. This material mismatch, as well as country heterogeneity in waste disutility and costs, will give rise to international trade strategies or interactions with the environment. In this paper, I offer a new perspective on recycling policies, taking into account international waste trade and national material imbalances.

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