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CIRED core research question is to understand the conditions under which environment and development objectives can be articulated, at various scales (global to local, whole economies to sectors). CIRED 2015-2019 research program is structured around four axis: – Sectoral Prospective: Energy, Cities, Land-use focuses on the articulation between environment and […]


Moral Hazard and the Energy Efficiency Gap: Theory and Evidence Giraudet L.-G., Houde S., Maher J., Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Volume 5, Number 4, October 2018   The distributional effects of a carbon tax and its impact on fuel poverty: A microsimulation study in the French […]

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Press 2018 «Berme funts bat behar du Europak karbono gabeko trantsiziorako», interview de Jean-Charles Hourcade (en basque), Berria, 13/08/2018 «Climat : le demi-degré qui changerait tout» interview de Jean-Charles Hourcade, Le Journal du CNRS, 08/10/2018 «Ce qu’un réchauffement climatique à 1,5°C pourrait sauver, selon le rapport Giec» Jean-Charles Hourcade cité, Huffington Post, […]

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