Nicolas Taconet




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          Thématiques de recherche

  • Changement climatique
  • Impacts
  • Inégalités
  • Transport aérien

Travaux en cours


〉Taconet, Méjean and Guivarch. Influence of climate change impacts and mitigation costs on inequality between countries. 2020. Climatic Change | Publisher’s link | Access to Online PDF

〉Guivarch et Taconet. Inégalités mondiales et changement climatique. 2020. Revue de l’OFCE 165(3), 35-70 | Link


Book chapter

〉Global inequality and climate change, with Céline Guivarch. Forthcoming. In Routledge Handbook in the Political Economy and the Environment | Postprint version upon request


Blog posts

Les Français face au défi climatique

Travaux en cours

Sur les impacts du changement climatique

〉Social Cost of Carbon under stochastic tipping points: when does risk play a role?, with Céline Guivarch and Antonin Pottier | Revise and Resubmit | Link to FAERE Working Paper

〉Optimal climate policy when warming rate matters | Work in progress
2020 Y
oung Economist best paper award by the French Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (FAERE)

〉Temperature targets under inter and intra generational inequalities, with Céline Guivarch and Aurélie Méjean | Work in progress


Sur le transport aérien

〉Determinants of long-distance mobility: evidence from Germany, with Franziska Klein | Work in progress

〉Effect of climate policies on air transportation | Work in progress


Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées

  • Public economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis (Engineering program, 2017-2019)
  • Integrated Assessment Modeling (EEET Master, Since 2018)

Université Sorbonne Paris Cité

  • Environmental Economics (Bachelor in Social Science, 2017-2018)