Suspicion of COVID-19

COVID Referent

Arancha Sánchez

If you develop symptoms of Covid (fever, headache, cough, loss of taste and smell, etc.): do not go to the CIRED, contact your doctor immediately. Your doctor will most likely ask you to isolate yourself and get tested as soon as possible. If your doctor asks you to isolate yourself and undergo a test, please notify the covid referent without delay: this will enable the ARS to be alerted with a view to identifying high-risk contact cases which would be triggered if the test were to prove positive.

If you are a “case-contact”: do not go to the CIRED, isolate yourself, contact the Covid referent and make an appointment to take a test (which will normally have been requested by the Assurance Maladie, if it is the Assurance Maladie that informed you that you were a case-contact).

  • What is a “cas-contact”? A “contact case” is a person who has been in “at-risk” contact (discussion for at least fifteen minutes without masks, meeting without masks in a confined room, eating together, etc.) with a “positive case”, i.e. a person who has tested positive. To be truly “at risk”, the contact must have taken place no more than 48 hours before the first symptoms appear.
  • You are not “case-contact” if: you simply crossed a positive case in the hallway; if you attended a meeting with a positive case when everyone was wearing a mask; if you had lunch with a positive case whose symptoms did not appear until more than 48 hours later, etc. Above all, you are not a contact-case if you have had risky contact with a contact-case person (it is only on the day that the test taken by this person turns out to be positive that you in turn become a contact-case and would then have to submit to a test yourself).
  • How do I know if I am a contact person? Because the health insurance company contacted me to inform me; because I had a risky contact (in the sense mentioned above) with a “positive case” whose symptoms started 48 hours or less after this contact.

If you are a “confirmed case”: do not go to the facility, isolate yourself for at least seven days after the onset of symptoms. Report to the Covid referent.
Attention: in each of these cases, it is essential to immediately inform the Covid referent of CIRED. This ensures that the various measures are taken as quickly as possible for the safety of all (disinfection of the workspace, contact-tracing, etc.).

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