CIRED core research question is to understand the conditions under which environment and development objectives can be articulated, at various scales (global to local, whole economies to sectors). CIRED 2015-2019 research program is structured around four axis:

– Sectoral Prospective: Energy, Cities, Land-use focuses on the articulation between environment and development in key sectors / systems (energy, cities and agriculture and land-use).

-Development strategies under environmental, social and climatic constraints focuses on the articulation between environment and development at the level of entire economies, at different scale (the World, regions, countries). This axis also includes cross-cutting topics in environment and development economics: distribution and equity, competitiveness, financing and macroeconomcs of transitions.

– Negotiations, controversies, and decisions under uncertainty discusses how decisions about environment and sustainable developpment are taken. It includes analysis of the way economic analysis can inform decisions.

– Models, tools and data includes research relative to the construction and operation of tools and models, including data processing.


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