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CIRED Seminar

CIRED’s seminar aims to present work related to the environment and sustainable development, in a spirit of disciplinary and methodological diversity. The interventions are divided between CIRED researchers and external guests. It takes place in the CIRED offices on Tuesdays, from 11:00 to 12:30.

Due to the health situation, the seminars are currently reserved for members of the laboratory. We hope to be able to open them again to as many people as possible as soon as possible.

For any information about the seminars, please contact the organizers.

Coordination: Aurélie Méjean and Antoine Missemer.

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Past seminars

October 2021


– Tuesday 5, Fabien Leurent (ENPC, CIRED) : Toward Shared Mobility Services in Ring Shape [provisoire]

– Tuesday 12, Fabien Locher (CNRS, EHESS) À propos de l’ouvrage ‘Les Révoltes du ciel. Une histoire du changement climatique XVe-XXe siècle’ (Seuil, 2020)

– Tuesday 19, Luc Elie (CIRED, SU-ITE) Les conséquences environnementales des inégalités économiques : une analyse économétrique sur les pays de l’OCDE


November 2021

– Tuesday 9, Lesly Cassin (CIRED) Impact du changement climatique sur les migrations [provisoire]

– Tuesday 16, Stéphanie Monjon (Université Paris Dauphine) Analyse quanti/quali du geste de tri OU crédit environmental en Chine

– Tuesday 23, TBT

– Tuesday 30, Julien Wolfersberger (INRAE, EcoPub), TBT


December 2021

– Tuesday 7, Béatrice Cointe (CNRS, CSI) Writing good economics: how texts ‘on the move’ perform the lab and discipline of experimental economics [with Kristin Asdal]

– Tuesday 14, TBT


January 2022

– Tuesday 4, Eugénie Joltreau (Université Paris Dauphine) Recycling in Globalised Economy

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