28/01 Nicolas Taconet

Dynamics and distribution of climate change impacts: insights for mitigation strategies

Nicolas Taconet, under the supervision of Céline Guivarch


At 3pm in virtual


Short Summary

Because climate change affects economies at different scales, quantifying its impacts is particularly challenging. Yet, understanding climate change impacts is key to design appropriate mitigation and adaptation response. Damage assessment allows to set global targets and regional policies against the cost of inaction, and to prepare for adaptation by highlighting future vulnerabilities and hotspots. This thesis analyses how the dynamics and distribution of climate change impacts affects the assessment of mitigation pathways. First, I show that climate system dynamics matters to evaluate the resulting economic impacts, which increases the present value of mitigation actions. Second, using different assessments of climate change impacts aggregated at the country level, I analyse the distributional effects of different emission pathways. Finally, I study how spillovers via trade affect the distribution of climate change impacts, in the case of heat stress on labour productivity.