CIRED core research question is to understand the conditions under which environment and development objectives can be articulated, at various scales (global to local, whole economies to sectors). CIRED 2015-2019 research program is structured around four axis: – Sectoral Prospective: Energy, Cities, Land-use focuses on the articulation between environment and […]


Climate Damage on Production or on Growth: What Impact on the Social Cost of Carbon? Céline Guivarch, Antonin Pottier Energy consumption and activity patterns: An analysis extended to total time and energy use for French households Simona de Lauretis, Frédéric Ghersi, Jean-Michel Cayla Aligning domestic policies with international coordination in […]

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Press « Le bio peut-il vraiment nourrir la France ? », La Croix, 20/10/17 « Le monde à +2°C peut vraiment être un enfer ». Entretien avec Thierry Brunelle (2), Caritas Climat, 07/09/16 « La justice climatique est bien le cœur du problème ». Entretien avec Thierry Brunelle (1), Caritas Climat, […]

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