CIRED core research question is to understand the conditions under which environment and development objectives can be articulated, at various scales (global to local, whole economies to sectors). CIRED 2015-2019 research program is structured around four axis: – Sectoral Prospective: Energy, Cities, Land-use focuses on the articulation between environment and […]


Transportation infrastructures in a low carbon world : An evaluation of investment needs and their determinants Vivien Fisch-Romito, Céline Guivarch, Transportation Research Part D : Transport and Environment, Volume 72, July 2019, Pages 203-219    A climate finance initiative to achieve the Paris Agreement and strengthen sustainable development Dipak Dasgupta, Jean-Charles […]

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Presse 2019 Bientôt une banque européenne pour le climat ?, Interview Jean-Charles Hourcade, Libération, 07/05/2019 Un nouveau pacte social est nécessaire, Interview Jean-Charles Hourcade, La Croix, 02/05/2019 La hausse de la fiscalité carbone devra revenir dans le débat public, Tribune collective co-signée par Audrey Berry et Philippe Quirion, Le Monde, […]

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